Miroglio Fashion Solutions is constantly investing in new technology. Combined with the Miroglio Group’s many years of experience in both printing fabrics and producing collections of finished garments, this creates a wealth of know-how which would be hard to beat.


3D technology is a fundamental innovation in the preparation of a collection at various levels.
As regards costs, it represents a major saving.
As regards design, it makes the perception of the performance of a fabric or style immediate, with the opportunity to make just-in-time changes.
As regards client involvement, it is much more effective, in the creative process as well.

Digital printing

The Miroglio Group took up digital printing after a century of leadership in traditional printing techniques.
This is a guarantee of a degree of sensitivity and know-how which is hard to find on the market, and can be put to good use in the digital sector too.
Digital printing on textiles guarantees high performances at an acceptable cost and with rapid response times.
It also means small volume productions can also be achieved without the fixed costs of traditional printing.

MIP – Miroglio Innovation Program

Miroglio Fashion Solutions is able to draw on the support of MIP, the in-house Miroglio Innovation Program which develops and facilitates the implementation of new technology in the fashion sector.

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