About Us

Miroglio Fashion Solutions was established in 2014 within Miroglio Fashion (part of the Miroglio Group, a leading player for 70 years in the world of apparel and textiles), all of whose synergies it can capitalize on, while remaining self-contained and independent at the same time.

Our customers are the major players in fashion in the worlds of:
– retail
– internet retail
– wholesale

We respond to their different needs by creating value through our “Miroglio Tailor System“, a highly flexible, fully-customized service organized into 2 teams.
The first is at the service of wholesale and medium-term clients; the second handles our premium clients who require rapid response times.

This is all incorporated into a certified, integrated supply chain that guarantees partners professionalism, flexibility and rapidity: from the textile to delivery of the finished garment.

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